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April 11, 2012, Oceanside, California – Stark Logic, a Franchise Marketing Agency, has signed up Moran Industries, a franchisor specializing in the automotive aftermarket, for franchise development services including consumer marketing and web site design. The team at Stark Logic will work to create an Internet marketing strategy for the automotive franchisor, as well as perform a complete redesign of their corporate web site. Stark Logic will also perform programming and search engine optimization to meet the franchise development goals of Moran Industries.
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28 Mar Marketing Franchises with Mobile Marketing

It is no exaggeration that smart phones have changed the life as we know it, and as we get further into 2012, they keep getting smarter. So it’s not surprising that the trend of mobile marketing is becoming more and more important for business owners marketing franchises.
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21 Mar How to Protect Your Business Online

As a business owner or representative, you’ve obviously got your hands full. But there are certain affordable, simple ways to ensure your online presence is monitored and controlled by you - because if you’re not controlling it, who is?
[frame align="left"]3-Keys-to-Building-a-Successful-Online-Business [/frame]There has been a steady decrease in paid advertising due to free online directory listings for businesses. Have you ever thought about what this means for local businesses?
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14 Mar Principles for Franchise Marketing at a Local Level

[frame align="left"]ID-10022997[/frame]As discussed in this article from the New York Times Small Business page, being part of a franchise system doesn’t mean you don’t have to take your franchise marketing into your own hands at an individual level for your business. While the franchise system definitely has its huge advantages, namely instant brand recognition, there are also constraints put on you as a franchisee, because your promo and marketing activity has to be approved in most cases by the franchisor. That being said, there are plenty of ways you can drive business to your individual location – you just have to be strategic. Some ideas:
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02 Mar What Makes an Effective Franchise Development Website?

Stark Logic has worked with a number of franchise systems on their franchise development web sites. A franchise development web site is a sales tool aimed at a target market who is looking for a business opportunity and wants to know why your opportunity is right for them. An “effective” franchise development web site converts visitors to prospects who want to buy your franchise.
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02 Mar 5 Changes Every Company Should Make to their Website Today

[frame align="left"]Website Under Construction [/frame] When the internet starting becoming mainstream in the nineties, companies didn’t know how to approach this new technology and, as with all computer technology advancements, including gaming technology which you can improve by getting coaching from sites online for games as LoL or Overwatch, which you can learn all about it reading OverWatch News online, and playing in the best monitors as the asus ve278h input lag, most companies left the work up to their IT Support services but you can do it yourself also you just have to learn programming, if you are interested in coding then Read More... For the past 17 years, we have been reversing the trends of these IT people and the unbelievably un-marketing-savvy elements they added to web sites.
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22 Feb Using LinkedIn for Listbuilding

Social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are constantly coming out with new updates and features, and let's be honest, it can be hard to keep up. But if you stay on top of your game with these social media powerhouses, the potential for franchise leads is huge.

One way smart way to do this is to use LinkedIn to build up your contact list. LinkedIn is unbeatable as a resource for valuable business connections, and you can use these connections to build up your professional contact list.
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