Marketing Strategies

We’ll Create a Marketing Strategy for Your Business!

Stark Logic has worked with a number of businesses to develop effective online marketing strategies to target both consumers and business to business client through online branding and design.  Stark Logic is a comprehensive internet marketing agency that can help you develop and refine your local or national marketing strategies to drive more traffic to your web site.

national-franchise-marketingStrong marketing strategies should include:
  • A thorough initial analysis of the existing web marketing strategy
  • Understanding your target market and what types of messages would invoke a response or generate a lead
  • Integration of calls to action and analytics
  • Possible integration of 3rd party CRM tools to organize leads
  • Effective design and search engine optimization
  • Strong keyword analysis
  • Creation of a sales landing page for Pay Per Click campaigns

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    Consumer Marketing Strategy

    The initial online marketing strategy analysis performed by Stark Logic covers the current situation of each franchise prospect. Our thorough analysis answers the following questions:

    • What does your company do?
    • Who is your perfect target market including age, sex and other pertinent information about the buyer?
    • Do you currently have a web site?
    • Are you currently tracking visitors and conversation rates?
    • What are your goals and what would be considered a success?
    • Do you know your current cost per customer acquisition?
    • Have you ever done online marketing?
    • If yes, what was successful before?

    Our marketing strategies cover all of the areas of online marketing to drive traffic to your web site and generate leads and sales.

    Sales Strategy

    If you are looking for a simple sales web site, Stark Logic’s sales strategy starts with an optimized sales web site as well as a refined marketing message on that site. Questions that site should provide answers to include:

    • What your target market?
    • What message about your company is best to reach that market?
    • Does that message answer the “what is in it for me?” question for a consumer or business?
    • What is your call to action? Call for a quote?  Buy now?
    • How much does it cost and what are other frequently asked questions?
    • Who can I reach for more information?

    The goal for your sales web site is to create online campaigns to drive traffic to this web site and convert that traffic to business.