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20 Nov Online Franchise Marketing Aliso Viejo

What Online Franchise Marketing Strategy Do You Have in Place For Your Franchise System? [frame align="left"] [/frame]Though they often work with a known brand title with a good customer following, franchises nevertheless need to follow excellent Online Franchise...

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AGL-LogoJune 29, 2012 Oceanside, California – Stark Logic, a franchise marketing agency, has signed on Above Grade Level, an in-home tutoring organization with nationwide locations.  The franchise website design and marketing agency will be taking over the design for the franchise micro websites for each Above Grade Level location using website platforms.
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Local SEO Marketing


When it comes to local search optimization for a local business, the ultimate goal is to get our clients ranking in Google's local search results. As Google is the most used search engine in the world, it is imperative that businesses are able to get...

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28 May WordPress Explosion Leading to Problems

If you are not familiar with WordPress, it is one of the most widely used Content Management Software (CMS) systems by companies and individuals alike.  The software is used to manage web sites and comes with over 35,000 different plugins that can easily be integrated...

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26 Feb Google Is Killing Small Business Search Optimization

I am writing this article to vent a little and to educate franchise systems on some disturbing trends in local search.  Google is killing optimization for local business web sites.  As a company that prides itself on search engine optimization services, Stark Logic has seen some very disturbing trends in organic searches on a local level.  It has come to a point where Google's most recent changes have been so detrimental to local businesses that their only choice is to advertise on Google's pay per click platform to generate business. My friend from CoFlex Marketing released an SEO guide for lawyers and attorney companies - and has agreed with me that he too, has noticed these trends. You can visit for more information.
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18 Jun Stark Logic’s Latest SEO Updates

Search engine optimization is an evolving service as it relates to changes to ranking algorithms determined by the major search engines- mainly Google. Stark Logic has recently introduced a few SEO updates in response to Google's latest ranking adjustment. According to the SEO Penang company, SEO is a constant process so Finding a good SEO Expert for your website is a good decision. Keyword searches are becoming more and more localized, which means when someone types in a phrase like "auto repair," Google will assume that person is looking for a local auto repair business. Google provides their own local results (Google Plus Local) and then provides organic results for businesses local to that person's computer. When a national keyword phrase is searched like "auto repair franchise," Google will provide no local results, some national results, and now is recently including some local results if there is a local address. They are also including local listing if the text in the site contains the phrase "auto repair franchise" and is conveniently located in a city where the person's computer is, since we know that now a days people use computers for many things, from working to gaming, if you're one of these gamers you can advance faster in your game with a csgo boost from the best sites, and don't forget to find out more about the most expensive skins in counterstrike go.
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