How to Protect Your Business Online

21 Mar How to Protect Your Business Online

As a business owner or representative, you’ve obviously got your hands full. But there are certain affordable, simple ways to ensure your online presence is monitored and controlled by you – because if you’re not controlling it, who is?

[frame align=”left”]3-Keys-to-Building-a-Successful-Online-Business
[/frame]There has been a steady decrease in paid advertising due to free online directory listings for businesses. Have you ever thought about what this means for local businesses?

When someone is searching locally for your services and products to Get More Info, they are inevitably finding your competitors. If you’re not monitoring and updating your listings in local directories and Google Places, customers, or Google itself, will most likely create a listing for you. You run the risk of inaccurate information being out there about your business.

Imagine someone searches for your business online and is excited about your services. They follow the Google Places address, drive to your supposed business location, and find a 7-11. At this point, what will they do? Probably feel a little annoyed and head over to one of your competitors.

You need to be monitoring your online presence. With Google Places and other listings claimed and controlled by you, the power is in your hands. For less than the cost of one yellow page advertisement, you can ensure your accurate business information is listed on more than 100 online directories through a Universal Business Listing. Or Stark Logic can do it for you. It’s that simple.
There are also easy ways to make sure your website is designed and maintained with accuracy. Include a Google Map on your home page, and include your address and contact information in the footer on each page of your website. It’s easy, it’s quick, and it ensures your potential customers will find you.

Contact us today to find out how to create, monitor, and ultimately protect your online business presence, we also accept pay as you earn, because we believe that you will profit on this program for your business. Stark Logic can take it a step further by creating optimized listings for you that will come up at the top of searches for your city.
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