Franchise Sales Websites

Why Should You Have a Franchise Sales Website?


Franchise sales websites are different than your traditional consumer web site. The target market for franchise sales websites include individuals and entrepreneurs who are looking for a business opportunity and a way to get involved in an already-established brand. Your franchise consumer marketing web site is for people who are interested in your products and services and want to learn more about your company. As a franchise owner, it is crucial that you make these two web sites distinct so you can focus and strengthen your marketing efforts for each.

franchise-sales-web-siteEffective franchise sales websites should include information on:


  • Franchise Opportunity
  • Investment
  • Training and Support
  • Available Territories
  • The Process
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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    Purpose of Franchise Sales Websites

    The purpose of franchise sales websites is to create more franchise locations or sell existing ones to franchisees. Your franchise sales site should provide a potential business owner with enough information so that that they will want to learn more about becoming a franchisee. Creating a well-designed franchise sales web site contains many steps. and the end result should include the following features:

    Franchise Sales Websites Should Include:

    • Information about the industry and why it presents a solid case for investment (for example: Coffee is a $13 billion per year industry that will continue to grow.)
    • An explanation as to why your franchise opportunity is the best in the industry and how you stand apart from competitors.
    • How much it will cost to open a franchise, and expected costs for growth and development of the business.
    • What resources and training you as the franchisor can provide to support a franchisee to be successful.
    • What areas of operation are available to new franchise owners.
    • An overview of the process of becoming a franchise and what they should expect from opening a business.
    • A section on frequently asked questions
    • A contact form allowing people to fill out information for a sales representative

    Effective Franchise Sales Website Design


    Above is the basic information franchise sales websites should include, but you may want to include even more resources for your potential franchisee on your franchise sales site. The information above should help to qualify people by weeding out people who might not have the financial backing to become a franchise.


    It should also answer questions about the franchise opportunities you have available. The goal is to provide enough information to entice a prospect into filling out a form for more information or calling to speak with a representative.



    It is important that your franchise sales web site have analytics installed to report the traffic to the web site. Each web site we design includes integration with Google Analytics to track the traffic trends of the site and the popularity of the keywords that were used to drive people from the search engines.


    If you are running specific campaigns from other web sites or portals, we can set up the analytics to track the success of those campaigns.


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    franchise-sales-websiteFranchise Sales Sites By Stark Logic


    Franchise sales is a vital part of any franchise business. In order for franchises to continue to grow, you need to allow business owners to buy and sell your franchise locations. Franchises are constantly looking at ways to increase sales and units and, most importantly, qualify people so the leads they get are targeted and qualified.


    By adopting quality franchise web design, the best sales sites should walk someone through a process of understanding how the franchise system works and what it will take to start a franchise. By the end of the process, they should be ready to move forward and get more information about starting. If you are interested in learning more about how Stark Logic can create or market a franchise sales web site for you, please contact us today or call us at 888-388-0460.