Using Press Releases for Franchise Development Marketing

07 Mar Using Press Releases for Franchise Development Marketing

Many franchisees and small businesses don’t fully make use of press releases when they should. Press releases have a broad spectrum of influence in the industry as an online marketing tool.

They can get you media attention, which would get you more traffic to your site, and they can be posted on many outlets over the web, some of which are very high ranking in Google.    [frame align=”left”]omen_press_release21

But they also don’t allow for as much freedom as blog posts do – there are definite guidelines you want to follow when coming up with a press release.

  • The topic must be timely and newsworthy. You don’t want to be discussing something that happened months ago.


  • Verbiage shouldn’t be opinionated – you need to write from a third person perspective.


  • Include some back links – you want these to be on those high-ranking press release sites.


  • Double…triple…quadruple check for accuracy! Your release is going to news outlets, so you want to be factual and grammatically correct.


  • Come up with a creative headline that will make the reader want to read on.


  • Always include the location (city) that the press is coming out of, and the accurate date of the release.

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press-release-rss[/frame]  Use the press to reach an audience! There are so many news outlets out there – if you’re not making use of them, your business could be missing out on many potential leads and contacts!