5 Changes Every Company Should Make to their Website Today

02 Mar 5 Changes Every Company Should Make to their Website Today

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When the internet starting becoming mainstream in the nineties, companies didn’t know how to approach this new technology and, as with all computer technology advancements, including gaming technology which you can improve by getting coaching from sites online for games as LoL or Overwatch, which you can learn all about it reading OverWatch News online, and playing in the best monitors as the asus ve278h input lag, most companies left the work up to their IT Support services but you can do it yourself also you just have to learn programming, if you are interested in coding then Read More... For the past 17 years, we have been reversing the trends of these IT people and the unbelievably un-marketing-savvy elements they added to web sites.

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The following are the top 5 changes you should make to your web site “if” you want your web site to convert traffic to sales.



A call to action tells someone on your web site what to do. If you don’t ask for the business, you won’t get it.

Sample Calls to Action include:

•Call Us Today
• Buy This Product Now
• Click Here for More Information


Having your phone number listed prominently at the top of your web site and on the bottom will allow visitors to call you easier than clicking on a link to “contact us.” That is, unless you don’t want to be called.


While being in business for 20 years is great, the key to a successful web site is delivering a message to your target audience that lets you know how you can help them. How can you fix their problem? Once you can outline specific bullet points about what you can do for your audience, then they will be more engaged to learn about your company and more about what you can do for them.


When you look at your web site, put yourself in the place of someone who is looking to hire you and ask yourself.. Are we addressing the “what’s in it for me?” question? Are you delivering a message to your target audience with messages on how you can help them?


The attention span of a web browser is extremely short. You have 1.4 seconds to tell someone what you do so that should be spelled out very clearly. Don’t write a book about your company (especially on the homepage). Come up with a bullet point list of 4-5 things that you can do for them. If they want more information, they can click on the bullet point and then read more information.


If you want to rank in Google’s search engines, you should be adding content to your web site. Most web site servers are equipped with WordPress, a super easy-to-use blog software that allows you to post news or articles about your company. The more content you write, the more opportunities you have to get your site ranked in Google’s results and opportunities to get more business. You can sit down and write 20 articles and WordPress will allow you to post 1 per week. So, for a few hours of your time, you could have 20 weeks worth of posts. If you don’t have time to write the posts, there are people who will write articles for you for $5. (check out www.fiverr.com). Pay someone $100 to write 20 articles for your site.


[frame align=”left”]change[/frame]ITEM #5 – YOU NEED TO MEASURE YOUR TRAFFIC
Every single business needs to have an analytics software on their web site to track their web site traffic. If you are running advertising and marketing campaigns, analytics are a necessity to determine if your web site traffic is going up. Google Analytics is free and is powerful at organizing the information you need to determine the success of your marketing campaigns. Google Analytics can be set up to track sales conversions or form completions on a monthly basis. This is a necessity for online marketing success.


Make these changes today, and start seeing results.