What Makes an Effective Franchise Development Website?

02 Mar What Makes an Effective Franchise Development Website?

Stark Logic has worked with a number of franchise systems on their franchise development web sites. A franchise development web site is a sales tool aimed at a target market who is looking for a business opportunity and wants to know why your opportunity is right for them. An “effective” franchise development web site converts visitors to prospects who want to buy your franchise.

A winning franchise development site answers the following questions..

1) What is the industry AND is it growing? Is it recession proof?

[frame align=”left”]Franchise-Marketing-03-300x300
[/frame]2) Why is your brand a leader in the industry?

3) What kind of support do you offer?

By this time, the prospect should be sold on why your franchise is a great opportunity… The next step is to qualify them.

4) What are the qualification requirements to become a franchise? How much is the investment or opening a roth ira?

5) What are the steps to become a franchisee?

6) Frequently Asked Questions?

Now, the prospect knows why your brand is great and how they can become a franchisee.  The next steps are to ASK FOR THEIR INFORMATION

7) Have a Request Information Form

You should also include a Call Tracking phone number so you can record calls and determine the number of the calls made from the site on a monthly basis.

I mentioned the word “steps” above because the site should be a process from Step One to Seven. If you don’t convince the prospect why the industry is good and your brand is a leader, they won’t care about the investment or moving forward. Most franchise development sites have 1 – 2- 3 – 4 – 5 in the tabs so you can guide prospects through the process.

Great Example sites:

The most important part of the site is analytics. By integrating Google Analytics, you can track:

  • Keywords that are driving people to the site
  • Pay Per Click campaigns – The visitors and bounce rate
  • Where people are leaving in the proces
  • Form Completions (ie. Goal conversions)

I also recommend integrating the web site forms into your CRM software. All software (Emaximation, Process Peak, Sales Force, FranConnect) have form integrations, so leads go directly into your CRM and most importantly, are tracked so you can determine which lead sources are converting best.