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16 May M-Commerce: The New Mobile Shopping Trend and What it Means for You

While the E-Commerce trend has continued to flourish, it's brought about the sub trend dubbed by some as "M-Commerce," aka, mobile shopping.
Web-capable mobile devices are everywhere, and people are using their smart phones and tablets more and more commonly to shop for anything and everything.  Further, many cell phone and tablet users research products and prices from their device.  I recently posted about the "SoLoMo Revolution" - Social, Local, Mobile search trends and how mobile devices are changing things.  According to a recent report from Experian Simmons, at least 41 million Americans now report using their cell phones for shopping related activities.
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02 Mar 5 Changes Every Company Should Make to their Website Today

[frame align="left"]Website Under Construction [/frame] When the internet starting becoming mainstream in the nineties, companies didn’t know how to approach this new technology and, as with all computer technology advancements, including gaming technology which you can improve by getting coaching from sites online for games as LoL or Overwatch, which you can learn all about it reading OverWatch News online, and playing in the best monitors as the asus ve278h input lag, most companies left the work up to their IT Support services but you can do it yourself also you just have to learn programming, if you are interested in coding then Read More... For the past 17 years, we have been reversing the trends of these IT people and the unbelievably un-marketing-savvy elements they added to web sites.
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08 Feb Internet Marketing Series #4: Content Management for Franchise Leads and Contacts

Our most recent piece in this series focused on List Building – keeping your contacts and prospects organized.
Building on that idea, we’ve come to our next strategy: Content Management for your franchise sales leads. Being able to store and retrieve your information easily is as important as the information itself. Most growing businesses will need some sort of internal Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) that stores all of your information in an easy-to-navigate way.
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05 Jan Internet Marketing Series # 3: List Building

[frame align="left"] [/frame]  By Stephanie Nations, Marketing Coordinator   Number three in our Internet Marketing series is List Building – building a database of leads is imperative. The more franchise leads you have, the more points of contact you’ll ultimately gain. There are a few ways to get going...

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30 Nov Internet Marketing Series #1: Website Effectiveness for Franchise Marketing

I thought it would be valuable to do a weekly series on franchise internet marketing strategies for franchises and other small businesses that don’t have a full marketing team at their disposal.   Internet marketing through things like social media and business reviews are your ticket to growing your business in a budget-friendly way: making the most of the free resources that are out there that will help you get exposure.
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