Internet Marketing Series # 3: List Building

05 Jan Internet Marketing Series # 3: List Building

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[/frame]  By Stephanie Nations, Marketing Coordinator


Number three in our Internet Marketing series is List Building – building a database of leads is imperative. The more franchise leads you have, the more points of contact you’ll ultimately gain. There are a few ways to get going on your list building.

Get (and stay) organized! Use Excel or a similar list management tool and include key pieces of contact information.

Get more! Webforms – contact forms available on your website(s)- are a great way for visitors to your site to let you know they’re interested in being contacted. Make it easy – just an email address and phone number – you can always get more information through if you need it. Keeping it simple for the visitor is key. Also, let them know you’ll maintain their privacy. [frame align=”right”]Internet-Marketing-to-the-Top

Incentives! It may help to offer something of value to your prospects in exchange for filling out your webform – a coupon, a free consultation or trial, even a relevant e-book if your resources allow for it. Be creative!

Whatever your method, list building is key. Got any creative ways to get leads? We’d love to hear them!