M-Commerce: The New Mobile Shopping Trend and What it Means for You

16 May M-Commerce: The New Mobile Shopping Trend and What it Means for You

While the E-Commerce trend has continued to flourish, it’s brought about the sub trend dubbed by some as “M-Commerce,” aka, mobile shopping.

Web-capable mobile devices are everywhere, and people are using their smart phones and tablets more and more commonly to shop for anything and everything.  Further, many cell phone and tablet users research products and prices from their device.  I recently posted about the “SoLoMo Revolution” – Social, Local, Mobile search trends and how mobile devices are changing things.  According to a recent report from Experian Simmons, at least 41 million Americans now report using their cell phones for shopping related activities.

So what does this growing trend mean for business owners and marketers?  Mobile internet users are more constantly connected throughout the day, and studies show they are more receptive to advertising because of this constant connectivity.  In the old days, you had to purchase a bus advertisement to be visible to a potential consumer riding the bus to work.  Now, it’s very likely that same consumer is connected to the web via their smart phone.


  • Text Based Campaigns.  If you can get a potential customer to sign up for text alerts, you’ve done well.  Think about what campaigns you can promote via text:  Contests, Coupon Codes, Promotions, Social Activity.
  • Email Campaigning.  People check their email more than ever with mobile devices.  Take note and promote.
  • Strategic Ad Dollars.  Consider your target market, and spend accordingly.  What about advertising on popular mobile apps, like Pandora?  Or popular tablet sites, like hulu.com?  Whatever your target market may be, do the research on what apps and sites they are using, and advertise accordingly.
  • Social ads that promote connectivity on social networks are effective.  For example, seeing an ad and then being able to “like” the promoted product on facebook, share it on your own page, or comment on the ad experience while being responded to by the companies customer service department almost immediately- these are all ways to make the potential customer feel like they are a part of the ad and is how you achieve the best customer service  experience for your customers. This type of advertising isn’t just restricted to the consumer world. It is well documented and evident that technological advances have changed the way we do business. Rather than being chained to our desks 9-5, many workers are adopting a more flexible working week, utilising shared office solutions or working from home (or anywhere they like) Our mobile phones and tablets, have become our mobile offices and cloud computing makes this system cost effective, efficient and seamless.

People are more connected than ever, which means more frequent opportunities to get in front of your target market.  Don’t let mobile marketing opportunities pass you by!

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