Adapting Your Franchise Internet Marketing Strategy to Google+

01 Feb Adapting Your Franchise Internet Marketing Strategy to Google+

The all encompassing powerhouse that is Google recently introduced Search, Plus Your World, a huge change that will inevitably transform the search engine world as we know it by personalizing search results automatically.

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[/frame]When a user is signed in to Google+, their search is configured with their personalized Google network and data, and they get personalized results. These specific-to-you results get automatically bumped to the top of your search engine result page. Whatever you search, you’ll get suggested people and pages that are personalized to what the Google knows about you and your extended network.

Of course, this affects SEO strategy and the rankings of optimized sites, and frankly, it’s making some other powerhouses a little upset, especially in the Social Media realm. In fact, Twitter, MySpace and Facebook recently teamed up behind the Don’t Be Evil browser extension as a dig against the Google update, allowing users to see Google results with social media inputs rather than just those results from Google+.

So what’s next? How to do you update your franchise internet marketing strategies to adapt to the ever-changing environment?

Make website usability a higher priority with…

Strategic Title Tags & Meta Descriptions. Use relevant keywords that are also personalized to your target market. This may take more time and thought, but it is so worth it for getting user click-throughs from the search engine results pages.

The best Alt Attributes for Images. Alt tags for images should be brief and clear. This step helps make your image more reachable to other platforms and can most definitely help improve your ranking in image searches if you include a relevant keyword.

Links on your home page to Social Media Platforms.

Add “Share” Buttons to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Position them in easy-to-find locations on your website pages.

Content, content, content! Fresh, timely content is always key, as Google returns the latest relevant content for searches. But with Search Plus, you need to be using your social media as platforms for new content on a regular basis.

Check out your Competitors

What’s working for others in your industry? Check out their social media pages – their Circles, Fans and Followers – and take note. What are they sharing and promoting? What kind of feedback are they getting?

Measure your own Online Social Presence

Now that you know what others are doing right, measure how you stack up. What kind of feedback are you getting across your social media platforms, and what kind of content gets the most feedback? How often do you update social media? How are your audiences different across the different platforms, and what is different about them?

Create Unique Strategy for each Platform

You can use the varying social media platforms for different kinds of content – it doesn’t have to be the same. Investing in figuring out what users respond to best within each platform will show you how you need to use each differently.

The bottom line is, the online environment is always changing, and your franchise internet marketing strategies need to be adaptable to the times. Having a SEO agency who specialize in web development, search engine optimization, and White Label Web Design can help your business adapt to the changes that may happen in the marketing industry. Your business needs a strong Google+ presence. Relevant content that is user-friendly and freshly updated is a great start and will improve your rankings. Google+ is being used by 90 million people, a number that is of course growing all the time.
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