Using Facebook Insights to Understand Your Target Market

10 Nov Using Facebook Insights to Understand Your Target Market

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[/frame]It’s an understatement to say that Facebook Fan Page is a valuable marketing tool for your business, but are you using it to its full potential by checking out the Facebook Insights for your fan page? Insights lets the administrator of the page see the metrics – how many users visit the page and when, who “likes,” comments, and even tags your page in a note or status update.


By clicking on the Insights Dashboard, you’ll first see an overview of your page metrics – how many “likes” and new followers you’ve received, your weekly total reach, and even how many friends of your fans are out there. But you can get more specific. Click on the Fans tab to see demographics about your specific fans, see who is saying what, and what, exactly, they are saying. What tabs are being clicked on the most? What referrer websites are driving the most traffic? Which areas of your page get the most views?


So what’s the beauty of all of this? Analyzing this data shows you your target market. From there, come up with strategies to change your marketing strategies to reach that specific target audience. Who is responding to event pages, promotions, etc.? Who’s commenting? Pay attention to these people, reach these people – and your fan base will grow. Bigger fan base = more customers.