Stark Logic’s Latest SEO Updates

18 Jun Stark Logic’s Latest SEO Updates

Search engine optimization is an evolving service as it relates to changes to ranking algorithms determined by the major search engines- mainly Google. Stark Logic has recently introduced a few SEO updates in response to Google’s latest ranking adjustment. According to the SEO Penang company, SEO is a constant process so Finding a good SEO Expert for your website is a good decision.

Keyword searches are becoming more and more localized, which means when someone types in a phrase like “auto repair,” Google will assume that person is looking for a local auto repair business. Google provides┬átheir own local results (Google Plus Local) and then provides organic results for businesses local to that person’s computer. When a national keyword phrase is searched like “auto repair franchise,” Google will provide no local results, some national results, and now is recently including some local results if there is a local address. They are also including local listing if the text in the site contains the phrase “auto repair franchise” and is conveniently located in a city where the person’s computer is, since we know that now a days people use computers for many things, from working to gaming, if you’re one of these gamers you can advance faster in your game with a csgo boost from the best sites, and don’t forget to find out more about the most expensive skins in counterstrike go.

Over the past two years, Google has made a number of changes to its search functions. These changes are known as Penguin SEO updates. The focus of these changes has ranged from building web links from outside web sites to focusing more and more on on-site content and optimized, targeted content that is geared toward targeted phrases. These changes have decreased the value of links with anchor text (i.e. the phrase “auto repair franchise” as anchor text linking to a site) and made more general links like “click here” or just “franchise” more valuable. Google believes that if only anchor text is linking to a certain site, it’s not as natural as generic keywords linking to a site. We have been doing the more general links for the past 8 months, but this is an area that affected web sites. The balance of anchor text links with generic links.


The SEO updates Google has presented over the past few years affect the ranking of inside pages of websites with more targeted phrases based on a search. In other words, if the homepage of your web site is targeted to “auto repair business” and you have a page within the site targeting “auto repair franchise”, when someone types in “auto repair franchise” Google is going to rank the inside page first and not the homepage. If you want your business website to be ranked on top of page 1 of search engines, coordinate with Sage Mauk Brooklyn SEO. This was a big change with the Penguin update. What does this mean? It means that the more pages you have targeting different keyword phrases, the more opportunities you have to rank your site for other keyword phrases. It also means the less pages you have overall, the less of an authority the entire site is and the weaker the site is in Google’s search.


Based on the above changes, the Profit Surge Seo strategy has shifted. Our strategy is to create more and more optimized web site content with each page targeting different keyword phrases. Our goal is to create marketing-driven pages that serve as landing pages for people searching for keywords. With the increase in localized results, it makes sense to target every city and phrase in your market. In other words, if you search “auto franchise in san diego” right now, the competition level is very low. If we create a single page on your website that is geared toward a keyword like this, we can get that page ranked. Our strategy now would be to create a marketing-driven landing page with “automotive franchising” or “auto repair franchise” for all major cities services in the United States.

Stark Logic has a unique software called SEO Page Burst that can create thousands of pages of content where each page is written to target a specific keyword phrase. These pages have SEO friendly content and include the keyword in the following:

  • Title Tag
  • Description Tag
  • H1 Tags
  • H2 Tags
  • Image Tags
  • Videos


The content that we create infuses geographically targeted phrases as well, meaning you have primary keywords (i.e. auto repair franchise) and combine them with secondary keywords (i.e. san diego or los angeles). By creating hundreds or thousands of pages of content, we can generate traffic and convert that traffic to leads. With most of our clients, the goal is to start with 100 pages and “drip” out 2-5 pages per day of new content so that the site is updating content daily, which will also help with new indexing.


SEO Page Burst is a script Stark Logic created that is proprietary to us. It takes an article with spin text where we change the verbs, words, sentence organization, etc and create new content that is anywhere from 50% – 80% different. The content changes from article to article, and the article headings, lists, and images also change. In addition to this and we add unique videos, which help each page to build its authority even more. We then infuse targeted keywords AND geographical phrases (city names) with each new article. The results are hundreds of pages of quality content from a single article, each targeting a different phrase and city.


By creating more and more content and adding links in that content to the homepage or to other pages, the entire site benefits and grows as a whole. The monthly budget for this type of project is $500/month. This includes:

  • Setting up the plugin for SEO Page Burst
  • Creating the content for keyword categories (2 unique articles to start)
  • Creating the spin text for those articles
  • Creating a marketing driven template design
  • Adding the Spin Text and the keywords to target
  • Compiling a City list to target
  • Adding content on a monthly basis
  • Changing articles and redoing spin text every 3 months


Overall, the amount of traffic increases from these pages and the number of leads. As more and more pages index, each page is a new opportunity to drive leads.

Stark Logic stays up-to-date with all of the latest search engine optimizations techniques and practices. Stay a step ahead of the curve by utilizing our SEO updates and SEO Page burst for your franchise website and franchisee micro sites to increase your search engine rankings. Call us today!