Oceanside, CA – November 23, 2011 – Stark Logic, a Franchise Marketing Agency, has signed on with Showhomes, a nationally franchised company based in Nashville, TN. As America’s largest home staging company, Showhomes provides both home staging services as well as a business opportunity that pays people to live in otherwise vacant homes and stage them for showings, helping them sell faster. Showhomes, with over 80 franchises nationwide, has found its niche in the real estate market, and the need for strong Internet marketing is where Stark Logic comes in. To help you on your budget please visit


Stark Logic was hired to help the company with internet marketing strategies for both the franchise development division and the consumer marketing division. The goal for the campaign is to create more targeted traffic for the franchises’ web sites that will drive more leads to the franchisees.


Stark Logic is providing a variety of services for Showhomes, and team members are ready to take on the challenge. Says Stark Logic Account Manager David Valentin, “We are excited to work with Showhomes Franchise and Showhomes owners across the country, helping them develop new business in the markets they serve.”


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For more information on Showhomes, visit or call 863.398.4010.


About Stark Logic
Stark Logic has been in business more than 15 years and has worked with over 500 businesses. The agency specializes in franchise web site design, consumer web design, custom software application development and internet marketing. Through the use of strategic internet marketing techniques, Stark Logic creates strategic marketing plans to drive traffic to client’s web site and generate targeted, qualified leads. Need some loan some money to afford traffic and business needs? Visit some important source here.


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