Franchise Social Media: Twitter Business Guide

13 Dec Franchise Social Media: Twitter Business Guide

I admit, I’ve had my issues with the wonderful world of Twitter  I’ve heard it described as a “microblogging” site – the 140 character limit is what makes it unique, but it can be frustrating too.  I had a lot of questions when I started using it for Stark Logic, mainly about how to use it most effectively for franchise social media.

No question about it – Twitter is growing.  In 2010, 100 million accounts were created, and 25 billion tweets sent.  For fun, check out twitaholic – this site shows you the most popular Twitter users and how many followers they have (not surprisingly, Lady Gaga tops the list).

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I came across this handy-dandy guide for all things Twitter related to businesses, The Twitter Business Guide: Communication and Marketing by Jean-Christophe Barre and Dr. Andreas Schroeter.

The guide starts with the basics- what Twitter is, how to set up an account, design your page, etc.  It really stresses the importance of customizing your profile with details, interests, – basically anything that can let more people know what you’re all about.  It goes on to explain how to use Twitter as a communication and marketing tool – retweeting, deciding and sticking with your tone, checking your mentions, and building your database of followers.

It goes in to a lot more too – shortcuts, pictures, etc.  It’s definitely worth a read if you’re concerned you’re not living up to your full Twitter potential for franchise promotion!