Marketing and SEO Tools Worth your Time: Part 1: The Research Tools

24 Jul Marketing and SEO Tools Worth your Time: Part 1: The Research Tools

With a million tools out there, which ones are really worth checking out?

[frame align=”left”]seo4[/frame]Rich Stark, CEO of Stark Logic, gave a stellar webinar last week on 5 Tools you Need to Streamline your Online Marketing as part of our 5 Series. For those of you that missed it, a little recap is in order, and I’ll be breaking down what you need to know about marketing tools over the next few weeks in the areas of:


Research, Social Media Management, Business Listings, Reputation Management and Web Site Analytics.

When it comes to franchise internet marketing, you need to be asking yourself a few important questions:

1) Are you tracking the traffic and analytics of your franchise sites?

2) Do you have enough money and the guts on entering this field? then you need financial assistance as well like payday loans no credit check that can help you in terms of money.

3)  Are you using any tools to update the business listing information of your franchises on online business directories?

4) How are you determining the best keywords to drive traffic to your site and your franchisees’ sites?

5) Do you track the web site positions in the search results for your targeted keywords?

6) Do you have tools that will help your local marketing efforts once the sites are good.

The benefits of the best comprehensive tools is that they can combine management capabilities, allowing you to view results in a single source for viewing analytics, combined data, marketing results and alerts to negative sentiment.

Part 1: The Research Tools: Online Marketing and Search Engine Analysis

Why do you Need Them? How can they help with Online Marketing Strategies?

  • For search engine marketing, these help to find keywords to target that will drive traffic
  • They determine competition so you can generate traffic faster
  • You can review average pay per click rates so you can determine the budget you will need to get your site in the top spots to drive traffic
  • Analyze your top competition and find the keywords they are targeting


So what are they?

Google’s Keyword Tool

  • Research Number of Searches for Particular Keywords
  • Shows Average for Pay Per Click Cost

Market Samurai

  • Shows Keyword Searches combined with competitive keyword analysis
  • Multiple tools to determine the best domains to go after
  • Includes Pay Per Click estimates and traffic estimates in a downloadable format

Keyword Spy

  • Provides competitor data for both organic search campaigns and PPC campaigns
  • Daily Alerts and Monthly Reports

Check out these tools to analyze keywords, competition and ultimately drive traffic. Questions? Give us a call at (888) 388-0460.