Local Searches and the SoLoMo Revolution

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18 Apr Local Searches and the SoLoMo Revolution

[frame align=”left”]mobile-social-local[/frame]Localeze and 15 Miles, digital marketing research experts, recently released their 5th annual comScore Local Search Usage Study, surveying over 4,000 U.S. adults to document how consumers search for and find local business information digitally.

The report revealed findings related to what is being dubbed by some the “SoLoMo Revolution” (ie: Social, Local and Mobile) for local searches. The movement is gaining momentum partially due to the rising popularity of tablets like the Apple iPad, the Amazon Kindle and the Android tablet, and the increasing popularity of local search apps.

The study focused especially on mobile and tablet local search usage and revealed that tablet owners are the most frequent local searchers. 64% of tablet users surveyed said they searched for something local at least once a week on their device. Further, according to the report, a whopping “86% of tablet users made a purchase from their most recent tablet-based local search.” What does that mean, in a nutshell? Almost half of all tablet users use their tablets to buy something from a local business each week.

Apps are also hugely influential on local searches. The study revealed that almost half – 49% – of smart phone and tablet owners are using apps for their local searches. Local search apps like Localscope, WhereTo? and AroundMe are gaining digital notoriety and are more popular than ever among consumers.

All of this has potentially huge implications for local businesses, making a strong online presence more important than ever for brand expansion and overall growth. Local businesses have the ability to be “found” by making sure they are listed in local directories and have positive reviews on consumer review sites. And social networking plays into all of this, you can learn what are bots here. The business can put bots all over the net to market their services. The study revealed a 67% increase in local searches that take place on social media sites such as Facebook.   The below graphic shows more details from the findings of the study. 


Now more than ever, a strong online presence is key for small and local businesses. Vamp up your online presence and gain loyal customers!