How to Enhance your Franchisee Websites for Franchise Growth

06 Jun How to Enhance your Franchisee Websites for Franchise Growth

bigstock_Television_and_internet_produc_15990695Last week, Stark Logic President and CEO Rich Stark presented the first in a webinar series on Franchise growth.  5 ways to Supercharge your Franchisee businesses by using software and also discussed valuable insider keys to pumping up these local websites, and for those of you that missed it, here is a recap.

First, some questions you as a franchisor must be able to answer:

1) Do your franchisees have their own websites?

2) Are your franchisees happy with their websites and marketing plan to drive traffic to the sites?

3) Are you looking for direction and best practices to get your franchisees online?

4) Are you concerned with maintaining your brand when the franchisees control their sites?

5) Have you built a foundation to track the success of your marketing efforts?

6) Do you have tools that will help your local marketing efforts once the sites are live?

This means:

  • Flexibility to control content and design elements where necessary
  • Ability to change meta information for all pages of the website
  • Ability to add unique, geo-specific content for each website to prevent duplicate content
  • Ability to add tracking software to Google Analytics to have traffic analytics
  • Software must be scalable to add hundreds of locations, regardless of the size of the franchise

Best Practices for Local Search – getting a website ranked

  • Higher search position = more web site traffic = more business
  • More content is better – authoritative sites get ranked!
  • Make sure all pages of the site are optimized separately for targeted keyword phrases – not just the homepage
  • The page urls should have targeted keywords in the address – Like:
  • Web site content should include geographically targeted phrases based on services and location
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY – the text for the web sites should be different from site to site – Duplicate content kills!

What does a Good Pay Per Click Campaign Strategy do for you?

  • Instant Traffic to websites
  • Geographically targeted campaigns
  • Campaigns to run within specified time frames and budgets
  • Great tracking and reporting mechanisms via click tracking and phone call tracking
  • Great for service businesses with high dollar purchases like home improvement, auto service, or personal services (dentists, doctors, etc)

SO – 5 Ways to Supercharge your Sites:

  • Make sure ALL sites are optimized for local search results
  • Make sure you optimize websites for Google Places
  • Develop a comprehensive strategy for a Pay Per Click campaign
  • Make sure you have analytics and tracking mechanisms for web site traffic



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