Franchise Social Media: The Big Question Mark

17 Feb Franchise Social Media: The Big Question Mark

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In influencer marketing platform, the social media craze was evident at the International Franchise Association’s National Convention in Orlando. Stark Logic sat in on a number of discussions and listened to franchises who have successfully implemented franchise social media campaigns.

There were some distinct key points that conference attendees hit on throughout the show during round table discussions and through break out sessions regarding the ever-changing landscape of social media.


From social media experts to franchises, the biggest takeaway was that a program that simply includes a franchise pushing out content to franchises does not work – it’s just not enough. A national campaign cannot create the personal interactions that are the backbone of social media. A content strategy is good, because it will update a franchise’s content on Facebook or other social media outlets, but to connect and engage with customers, a franchise must be involved in the process and post their own content.


The most important area, and also the most lacking area in Social media management is training. A franchise needs reminders or a concrete system for posting content. A good strategy is to conduct training webinars throughout the year and then providing topics and news franchisees can talk about.


A successful social media strategy includes creating a content strategy for the corporate office that you have equipped with the best equipment and furniture from and then a strategy for the franchises to follow. The corporate office can post some social media content to the franchises system, but it needs to be accompanied by training for the franchisees and topics to discuss on a monthly basis so they can post their own content, but for this they need to be comfortably be in their offices getting ready all the shipping labels, and that’s when offices owners as themselves what is a good ergonomic office chair and other furniture and they found solutions on different sites online as Top9rated.