Internet Marketing Series #2: Generating Traffic for Franchise Leads

06 Dec Internet Marketing Series #2: Generating Traffic for Franchise Leads

The second in our Internet Marketing strategies series focuses on generating traffic to your website (if you haven’t read part one yet on website effectiveness, check it out here).  You can have the fanciest, most drop-dead gorgeous website out there, and if you’re not getting any traffic, it’s useless for franchise development.

1)      A great way to analyze your traffic is through Google Analytics.  It’s simple to use, and it includes reporting that will help you really understand your web traffic in detail.  The system analyzes your AdWords and the post-click data on your keywords, and tracks campaigns.  Very valuable, my friends.
2)      Next step: Search Engine Optimization –getting your site placed higher on search engines through keywords, links and local search listings- is completely invaluable to generating traffic.  Because there are so many hundreds of thousands of sites out there, there really is a science behind SEO, and you may want to invest in experts to work on this for you.  Stark Logic/SEO Marketing Team has proprietary software called BareTrax Pro that we use specifically for strategic SEO for our clients.  We’d love to give you a consultation and discuss what we can do for you on the SEO front for your business.  Call us at 888.915.6442 or visit 

3)      Ads, ads, ads.  Advertisements really do help generate traffic.  Consider Facebook ads or Google Adwords.  With Google adwords, you’ll be “bidding” on keywords and then paying Google each time someone clicks on your advertisement.   You can plan your advertisement around your budget.

4)      Social Media is so important for generating traffic – it’s a way to personally get to know customers and potential customers in an informal, creative way.  Check out my post all about it here.

5)      Blog, blog, blog!   Yet another way to share news and view s and hear feedback from customers in a friendly, personal way.  They’re easy to start and maintain, and there is so much creative freedom in blogging.  Look for more on this topic coming up soon…

6)      A video campaign with a common theme for your business is a great way to increase traffic – people love videos because they are so low effort – they just click and watch.   You can set up a YouTube channel for your business and link to your website.  Bonus points if they’re funny and creative – a sure way to keep people coming back for more and associate something positive and personal with your business, which is one of the benefits of positive thinking in your life, that can affect how you see your company, job and life.
I hope these ideas helped – look for more in #3 of our Internet Marketing Series next week!