Does your Consumer Website Pop AND Rank High in Searches?

13 Jun Does your Consumer Website Pop AND Rank High in Searches?

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[/frame]Business owners: These days, everyone has a website. From blogs to corporate sites to social media pages, there are millions of pages out there. So what makes a great consumer website that actually stands out from the millions? While ordinary sites abound, there are a simple steps you can take to make your consumer site pop out from the rest, while also ranking high so it’s actually seen.

Google Analytics

Understanding your website is key to making it better. Integrating it with Google analytics gives you traffic and conversion information across channels, and allows you to see how all your digital marketing channels are working together. You must know where your traffic is coming from to understand the big picture, and with the reports they provide, the stats are easy to understand. They’ve also introduced capabilities that are mobile-specific.

Store Locator

Store locators are hugely valuable to the busy consumer who doesn’t want to waste a lot of time. If they are on your site, you’ve got them where you want them. Don’t lose them because they have to hunt for your locations, spending time and eventually giving up. The simplest platforms work best, and ideally the locator should be on each page of the site. Integrating the locations with Google Maps is even better.

Links to Social Media Sites

It’s no surprise that social media pages help convert traffic to valuable leads. If you’re not linking to not only your Facebook page, but also your Twitter and possibly LinkedIn pages, your missing out on some wide market reach.

A Blog

Having a blog is a simple way to make sure fresh content is always appearing on your site, something that always helps with search engine indexing. Besides that, blogs allow you freedom of content that can stray from the stereotypical corporate-speak. When you gain the reputation of having solid, valuable knowledge in your industry, people will take notice. Make sure to optimize your blog posts with valuable keywords for even better ranking opportunities.

Calls to Action

A visitor to your site needs to know exactly how to contact you within seconds of seeing your page, and also clearly understand what they will be getting when they contact you. It can be as simple as a one sentence call to action with a phone number, but a contact form should also be nearby.



Implementing these changes to your consumer site will make a difference, and they are easy to integrate.  So don’t hesitate!  And if you want SEO or web design changes to your site that will enhance it even more, give us a call at 888.915.6442.