Creative Calls to Action

29 Dec Creative Calls to Action


A good lookin’
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[/frame]social media fan page or site with eye-catching logos and graphics is invaluable to your business.  Catch someone’s eye with aesthetic and you’ve got a potential customer.  But what’s next?  You’ve got a short window of time when someone is on your site to, in effect, make them stay.  This is where Calls to Action come in.  You’ve heard this catchy buzz-phrase, but the ever-present Contact Form is getting boring.  I’ve been brainstorming some creative calls to action for social media sites, where creativity reigns – the more imaginative the call is, the more engaged your potential customer becomes.

•    A short video, preferably funny.  People love these, and they can be easy to make and post.  Offer a coupon code at the end of the video to get ‘em to watch.

•    A question people can answer via post or comment.  Start a conversation. Let your customers know you value their voice.

•    Offer a coupon for people who fill out a contact form or become a fan of the page.

•    Let them know about an event coming up, perhaps a webinar detailing your business or a fun contest, and make it very simple to sign up!


Got more ideas?  Let us know! Calls to action help convert leads to customers.