Are you Tracking Web Traffic?

09 May Are you Tracking Web Traffic?

What is driving visitors to your website, and how?  Having a Google Analytics account for your website is great, but are you using it effectively? If you’re not tracking your website traffic for each of your franchise locations or as a whole, you are missing a vital piece of the Internet marketing equation.
For better overall usability and conversion, it’s crucial to know exact data for your websites regarding:

  • Visitor Trending – knowing stats on visits, unique visits, page views, time on site and your bounce rates are hugely valuable for understanding your market.
  • Traffic Sources – what websites are leading people to your site? Viewing your referrer sites, direct traffic statistics, search engines being used to find you, and keywords people are searching for and finding you are all valuable pieces of information that help you further understand your overall target market.
  • Content Overview – understanding traffic metrics for your top landing pages, most viewed pages and top exit pages is crucial.
  • Browser Information – Which browsers and operating systems are visitors to your website using the most?  What about screen resolutions and flash versions?  These elements are easy to overlook, but knowing this information can help you design your site more effectively, and you can always get help from a web design company as well
  • Track your Clicks on Social Media – The Powerhouse that is Social Media is extremely vital to your business.  When you post a link in a status update or tweet, are you tracking the clicks on that link?

Understanding your Traffic Statistics means understanding your target market, and understanding your target market means more targeted leads.


Stark Logic’s new software, FranLocal, configures with Google Analytics and combines data, presenting it as month to month results that show you the progress of your marketing efforts for all of the above-mentioned traffic sources in one easy to use platform.  And it doesn’t stop there – you can even update your social media pages and monitor your online business reviews.  Want to know more?  Call us today for a free demo of the software at 888.915.6442.