Social Media for Franchises

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Stark Logic Social Media Marketing for Franchises

At Stark Logic, our goal is to help your franchise obtain more loyal customers. Improving and optimizing your social media presence will help attract people that can help you further define your business brand, gain more visibility in geographic locations, and provide more feedback on how improve and promote your brand.

Optimized social media accounts will also lead to more sales and improve the overall quality of your customer service by enabling you to reach out to your customers on a much more personal level.

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Stark Logic can provide comprehensive social media marketing services for your franchise to gain valuable exposure through:

  • Social Networking: Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Etc.
  • Video & Images: Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, Etc.
  • Social News & Feeds: Digg, Delicious, RSS, Etc.
  • Blogging: Tumbler, Blogger, WordPress
  • Business Reviews: Yelp, Foursquare, Merchant Circle, BBB, Niche Sites, SlideShare, Etc.



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    Increasing Your Online Presence

    Social media outlets for franchises have been proven to be greatly effective for search engine rankings and exposure. Franchise web sites and social media pages that are optimized with YouTube videos, for example, are now frequently listed on the first page of Google search results.

    If your franchise consumer web site is already listed in the organic results on the first page of Google, it would prove valuable to double your exposure by incorporating a YouTube video on the same first page of results. Stark Logic can help.

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    Effective Web Marketing Strategies

    Using our unique BareTrax software, you can then easily track the effectiveness of the marketing plan. Our own FranLocal tracking and reporting software will also allow you to update all of your social media through one interface, and effectively track the results of your implemented web marketing strategy.

    The best part about our social media reporting software is that franchisors are able to view and monitor all social media from their franchisees. The franchisor can also manage messages for their franchisees and has the ability to create groups and schedule messages to go out.


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    Stark Logic’s Social Media and SEO Services

    The days of comment cards or phone questionnaires to rate a business are long gone. These days it’s all about the Facebook Fan Page, the Twitter updates, the YouTube channels. Social media allows you to keep in touch with customers and business clients, and sites like Facebook are quickly becoming some of the most used web sites on the internet today.

    Stark Logic can help you put together a customized online marketing strategy for your franchise business, including maximizing your exposure on all social media outlets. We have been a significant player in the franchise marketing industry for over 16 years.

    For assistance with everything from Franchise web site design to franchise online marketing strategies and optimization, Stark Logic can help increase your franchise’s presence on the web. Call Stark Logic today.

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    [callout padding=”10″]Call (888) 388-0460 Today For a FREE Consultation![/callout]
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