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10 Nov Using Facebook Insights to Understand Your Target Market

[frame align="left"]FB-Insights [/frame]It’s an understatement to say that Facebook Fan Page is a valuable marketing tool for your business, but are you using it to its full potential by checking out the Facebook Insights for your fan page? Insights lets the administrator of the page see the metrics – how many users visit the page and when, who “likes,” comments, and even tags your page in a note or status update.
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04 Nov The Potential of Social Media for Businesses

[frame align="left"]images (1) [/frame]We live in an age where so much of our communication is done over multimedia platforms – texting, email, social media – vocabulary that was meaningless 10 years ago is now part of our daily jargon – we’re constantly “friending,” “tweeting,” even “poking.” So what does all of this mean for businesses? It’s easier than ever for the higher-ups of a company to connect with their customers – to see what they’re really saying, unedited and unpolished. Gone are the days of comment cards or phone questionnaires to rate a business – these days it’s all about the Facebook Fan Page, the Twitter updates, the YouTube channels.
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