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January 25, 2012   Oceanside, California– Stark Logic, a franchise marketing agency, has signed on with a new client, Three Active. Three active is an e-commerce web site based in Minneapolis, Minnesota that specializes in athletic and active lifestyle clothing. Stark Logic will perform Search Engine Optimization and marketing services, including advanced analytic integration and strategy.
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11 Jan 5 Reasons for Franchise Growth in 2012

It looks like 2012 will be a great time for franchise growth opportunities, according to Joe Libava, a franchise-acquisition consultant and author of Become a Franchise Owner!

[frame align="right"]money_and_financing [/frame] Libava has come up with 5 reasons this year may be the right time to purchase a franchise.
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05 Jan Internet Marketing Series # 3: List Building

[frame align="left"] [/frame]  By Stephanie Nations, Marketing Coordinator   Number three in our Internet Marketing series is List Building – building a database of leads is imperative. The more franchise leads you have, the more points of contact you’ll ultimately gain. There are a few ways to get going...

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29 Dec Creative Calls to Action

  A good lookin’ [frame align="left"]images [/frame]social media fan page or site with eye-catching logos and graphics is invaluable to your business.  Catch someone’s eye with aesthetic and you’ve got a potential customer.  But what’s next?  You’ve got a short window of time when someone is on your site to, in effect, make them stay.  This is where Calls to Action come in.  You’ve heard this catchy buzz-phrase, but the ever-present Contact Form is getting boring.  I’ve been brainstorming some creative calls to action for social media sites, where creativity reigns - the more imaginative the call is, the more engaged your potential customer becomes.
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19 Dec Small Businesses and Social Media

  The Fall 2011 Attitudes and Outlook Survey by Constant Contact revealed that small businesses are recognizing the value of social media marketing more than ever. Over 2,000 small businesses were surveyed and a whopping 81% reported using social media – this number rose from 73% in the spring survey.
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13 Dec Franchise Social Media: Twitter Business Guide

I admit, I’ve had my issues with the wonderful world of Twitter  I’ve heard it described as a “microblogging” site – the 140 character limit is what makes it unique, but it can be frustrating too.  I had a lot of questions when I started using it for Stark Logic, mainly about how to use it most effectively for franchise social media.
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30 Nov Internet Marketing Series #1: Website Effectiveness for Franchise Marketing

I thought it would be valuable to do a weekly series on franchise internet marketing strategies for franchises and other small businesses that don’t have a full marketing team at their disposal.   Internet marketing through things like social media and business reviews are your ticket to growing your business in a budget-friendly way: making the most of the free resources that are out there that will help you get exposure.
[frame align="left"]effective-internet-marketing-teaser [/frame]
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27 Nov The Importance of Blogging for Franchise Promotion

[frame align="left"]blog [/frame] by Stephanie Nations, Marketing Coordinator   Here it is: the blog post about the importance of blog posts. As a business, having content on your site that’s frequently changing is important, and blog posts are a great way to make sure that happens. Ok, but why is that important? A little thing I like to call Google Indexing (I like to call it that because, well, that is what it’s called).
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Oceanside, CA – November 23, 2011 – Stark Logic, a Franchise Marketing Agency, has signed on with Showhomes, a nationally franchised company based in Nashville, TN. As America’s largest home staging company, Showhomes provides both home staging services as well as a business opportunity that pays people to live in otherwise vacant homes and stage them for showings, helping them sell faster. Showhomes, with over 80 franchises nationwide, has found its niche in the real estate market, and the need for strong Internet marketing is where Stark Logic comes in.
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